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Dr Anil and Dr Smita

It has been a wonderful journey in the past two years. My daughter’s transformation from a toddler who wept on her first day and gradually moulded to a confident, cheerful and positive preschooler has overwhelmed us. Mrs Anupa Singh (Founder/ Principal) caters to every individual need of the child. Curriculum is so well designed, it’s magical the way they teach the child from basic etiquette to academics.

Mrs Priti Shetty and Mrs Vidya are wonderful and know exactly what the child wants. I would fail if I don”t thank the support staff Reshma, who is very patient with the kids.

Two years have been a magical journey for all of us. I highly recommend the school and have huge gratitude for the exceptional efforts they put in which moulds the most important phase and gives a Foundation that would hold them high.

Samhita N R (Mother) / Sathish Samprathi (Father)

The journey started almost during Dec 2015, hunting to find the best Kindergarten for our son. We roamed about a month searching every nook and corner of R T Nagar and around as we didn't want to send my 1.5 year old son too far either. But nothing was convincing to our expectations, it was all too corporate and pomp and show. But we were looking for something simple yet impactful for our bright little one whose energy and mind needed to be shaped with care and nurtured in homely atmosphere, rather than with use of technology (videos, board games play ground etc etc.) . In simple words we were looking for that human touch, and our search ended at this place near BDA Complex where we found a board "FOUNDATIONS".

The first time we met ANUPAMA mam was in January 2016 enquiring about the seat for my son. And as told the first impression is the best impression, we were overwhelmed by that simplicity yet the ample knowledge she portrayed in nurturing a child. No wonder we felt we have hit the right door to nurture my son. And once his journey started from June 2016, there was no looking back.

As all kids, he was reluctant to go and used to cry, making it heart wrenching especially for his grandma and mom. But the way Preethi mam, Vidya Mam, and their supporting staff (Reshma aunty as our son fondly remembers her) handled him, brought a lot of solace to our souls. And from then on there was no looking back. As we are working couple it was his grandma who used to visit him at the school and get all the feedback for us from school about the way our kid was doing. She was mentioning to us how really well they were grooming our kid, and appreciating the patience of the teachers in handling the kids; mainly Preethi mam and Anupama mam. They really molded his learning skills very well and we could start feeling the difference right up in 3 months time. His vocabulary increased, his recognition skills improved and his speech was way beyond what it was when he had started. It was a lovely and enthralling experience to see him grow in the right hands. As parents what better could we ask for.

The warmth and caretaking didn’t end with the kid, they also helped parents understand what type of kid he was and how to join hands in shaping the kid into a better learner. This we as parents felt in every PTM we had. Preethi mam in particular used to explain bit by bit how our son would behave during certain times and how we could deal with it. If we had some feedback, she would listen to us patiently and take the feedback positively and implement in correcting the child, which made us happier. And I must not forget to mention the keen interest Anupama mam took in spite of being the head about each child, learning from Preethi mam and giving us the right feedback perfectly short and crisp.

It’s been 2 years after he passed out of foundations, but still we feel so nice and memories roll back whenever we pass that board on the road. And the warmth can be felt in our entire feedback above which we have actually written after 2 years but not a single thing has gone out of our minds.

Thank You Foundations and thank you teachers at Foundations for being there for our son.

Email ID: sathish.samprathi@gmail.com

Samiullah G

Foundations Pre-School is by far one of the best pre-schools in RT Nagar area. Anupa Mam and her teachers are well experienced and make the kids feel at home right from the word go. Since joining Foundations my son has become more confident and looks forward to going to school every day and never cribs.

I believe Foundations provides a very caring and conducive environment for the kids and helps them in growing into strong independent, free- thinking children.

Finally, I would like to end by offering my heartfelt thanks to Anupa mam and all the other teachers for nurturing my son. I have seen a marked progress and growth in his learning. Our son has begun to read and write and has become very confident in his abilities.

Overall we recommend Foundations to all who want a good, caring and conducive environment for their kids. Anupa Mam, thank you again for everything!!

Email ID: imraan316@gmail.com

Deepa Chengappa

Foundations : True to its name, it bestows toddlers with the strongest footing in all aspects. I can vouch that this preschool has been the best preschool in this vicinity. One can never miss to notice and acknowledge the purpose and passion of Mrs Anupa, the founder, to incorporate a strong foundation for the little ones, to grow strong roots and ensure they fly.

Anupa mam and her staff have joyfully laid the foundation for lucky ones who have turned into brilliant minds for over 25 years now. I must say that I am ever grateful to Priti mam, a stupendous teacher. Our child has been one of the luckiest to have had Priti mam to guide her in her early steps. The words, mannerisms and knowledge she instilled in my daughter were and are still very evident.

Priti Mam’s dedication in every aspect of the methods followed and genuine motivation for every child to blossom into a confident child is truly commendable.

Foundations: This Preschool is a magic portal for the little creative minds, filled with just the right things, that are interesting and creative and fill the children with amazement.

Foundations has been the best choice for our child where she earned her Magic wand to create her magic and with her stories with a lot of love and discipline.

Email ID: deepa.chengappa@gmail.com

Dr Madhuri. S. and Dr Sachin. K

Foundations Preschool was a second home for my son for the last two years where he spent the morning hours with great fun and enthusiasm under the loving ,caring and guiding hands of the teachers and had amazing friends.

My heartfelt gratitude to Vidya madam for her patience, enthusiasm and passion to impart knowledge and skills. I really appreciate her hard work and affection that she has showered on my son. I thank Priti madam for contributing to my child”s growth and curiosity for learning. Last but not the least, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Anupa madam, one of the best early childhood teachers, for preparing my son for a lifetime of success with necessary life skills.

Teja Madappa

When we decided to start with our little one’s education, though RT Nagar has lot of pre schools we never even attempted to check elsewhere as Foundations was our only choice. Foundations was referred to us by one of our neighbours whose son had done his preschool there.

When our daughter completed her 2 years we met Ms Anupa for her admission formalities and the conversation we had for couple of minutes got us comfortable and decision was done instantly to enrolled her at Foundations,.

Initially our daughter would never speak to anyone and she lacked confidence but once she started going to school we could actually see improvement in her personality. She had started making friends and would love going to school. All credit goes to her teacher Ms Priti who would take that extra effort to make her comfortable.

By the time she started going to pre nursery she had got attached to school so much that she used to miss school during summer vacation. Foundations has really helped my daughter to build her self confidence as well their curriculum is well designed and they plan so many activities and crafts for kids which little ones love. The faculty and caretakers are very helpful and school atmosphere has got a positive vibe. Teachers give individual attention to kids. I would like to thank Ms Priti who helped in moulding my little one’s personality. My daughter used to always tell me that Priti ma’am is my friend, which is really a great thing and we always had that satisfaction that we had chosen the best for my daughter as she was enjoying her school.

Foundations goes by its name in building strong foundations for the little ones. I would strongly recommend this school to all my known ones.

Email ID: thejadm@gmail.com

Madan Gopal

We are glad that we found FOUNDATIONS through a reference by another parent. We were not disappointed even once. We were satisfied that the person who runs the school is also involved in teaching the children. Each child is paid individual attention.

Class work and home work are excellent and of high standard.

My child's spoken and written English has developed well. Her behaviour, discipline and self confidence developed to our satisfaction.

We couldn't have asked for a better preschool than FOUNDATIONS for our child's initial education. Many thanks to all the teachers and staff who got involved in the upbringing of my child.

I am sure and satisfied that this initial education has laid a good foundation for my child's future.


FOUNDATIONS means root and it is a known fact that stronger the root sturdier the tree!!

As the name suggests that is what you can expect from FOUNDATIONS —a strong and sturdy future for your child. When a child is 2 years old, they come out of the protected cocoon of a home to a school and, thus , this becomes the most crucial part of growing up.

At FOUNDATIONS, the staff strives to meet all the needs of each child—social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual in a caring and developmentally appropriate manner. They endeavour to model exceptional behaviour and follow it up with constructive methods of teaching .Each child is recognised and valued for his or her individual traits. My child has developed a more individualistic approach towards everything he does.

Many thanks and kudos to the staff at FOUNDATIONS for being such an integral part of our family!

Sunil N & Sumitha C D

My daughter's first step to outside world was Foundations Pre School and it was very delightful. She learnt new things and a variety of activities. Her reading and writing abilities became steady under the guidance of Mrs. Anupa Singh and Mrs.Priti. She was groomed with utmost care to face the challenges of the regular school. All staff at foundations were also very approachable and helpful.

The environment at Foundations was very encouraging and wonderful.

Overall I can conclude by saying I can never forget the things taught to my daughter and thank you all for making her interactive.

Email ID: Sumithajain2019@gmail.com

Mrs Nagalakshmi

FOUNDATIONS laid a strong foundation for my child.

Though the preschool is run very professionally, the atmosphere is very homely. Personal attention is given to all the children. The teachers have a lot of patience.

Separate curriculum is designed for each age group which is based on their educational and activity needs.

My child has learnt a lot and she loves all her teachers and loves FOUNDATIONS

One of the best pre-schools in RT Nagar.

Email ID: nagalakshmibn@yahoo.co.in

Nishad Muthahir

Extremely grateful to the Almighty to have guided me to a place that was home away from home to all my children – FOUNDATIONS PRE-SCHOOL. My association with this school dates back to my first child in 2011, followed by my second child in 2013 and currently by my third child from 2018.

Impressed by the faculty, the school setup which is filled with immense love and kindness, along with the hygiene and stupendous facilities provided. Anupa ma'am has been the 'core' and a very strong pillar of this institution with all her faculty. Education is imparted in various forms, skills and thoughts. Overall we bring back home a kid full of joy and happiness.

Chethak S and Sharada B

Thank you very much for the wonderful year that passed. As a parent I enjoyed seeing my son bloom into an independent toddler. He has learnt to eat independently and actually enjoy his food. He is playing very well with the other children. He is able to identify colours, shapes, alphabets and numbers. He is also able to speak and communicate well.

I also thank you for handholding me in the initial days when my son was trying to settle in school. As a first time mother this was my first experience in separating from my child. Thank you for making this first experience easy for both me and my toddler son.

We always loved the energy and enthusiasm we saw in Foundations!!

Please convey my heartfelt appreciation to all the teachers and support staff at Foundations.

Thank you Anupa Mam for everything.

M. Yuvaraj Kumar & Jayashree R V

We are really delighted to share our experiences about Foundations Pre School. Its been two years now and we have seen our son’s growth in all aspects, physical, mental, emotional or psychological.

I really appreciate the efforts put in by all the teachers, Priti Ma’am, Vidya Ma’am and staff, Reshma, Sharadamma of Foundations Pre School. My special appreciation to Mrs. Anupa Singh ma’am who has made it happen and made the concepts crystal clear to kids. Thank you for your guidance and support to kids to learn in their own way.

I am really excited to share about my son, who is completing LKG now, knows how to do addition and subtraction. He reads three and four letter words and sometimes catches up with the daily newspaper. My son speaks English, Kannada, Telugu and a little Hindi. My son’s confidence level and academic performance has improved a lot and above all, so has his performance in interviews to higher schools.

I was really happy to see my son performing on Republic Day function on stage organized by Narayannappa Block Residents Welfare Association with so much confidence and enthusiasm. He received prizes for drawing, patriotic song and fancy dress

I thank all the teachers, staff and Mrs. Anupa Singh for giving my son so much of love and affection in the school and bringing in discipline and good mannerisms. My son thinks Foundations Pre School as his second home, which is great support and satisfying thing for us.

I really appreciate the Foundations Pre School’s efforts from the core of my heart.

Email ID: yuvarajk@yahoo.com

Seema Khanum / Kareemulla Gaffar

It has indeed been a fantastic journey for our son and for us as parents by choosing Foundations.

We’ve seen tremendous improvement in our son with regards to his academics and overall growth.

We have utmost respect and gratitude to all the teachers / staff of this wonderful academy, especially Anupa Ma’am for her guidance and support.

Thanks for taking care of our little boy and other kids too.

Email ID: kareem316@gmail.com

Poojitha Poovamma

Foundations is an ideal school for play-group and Kindergarten.

The warmth and welcoming atmosphere makes children feel at home. My kid enjoyed going to school everyday. Many thanks to the school and all the staff for their guidance and co-operation and my heartfelt thanks to Preethi Ma’am for her commendable job in making learning more fun for kids.

Shrithi P S

My daughter attended playgroup in Foundations. She loved going to school.

The teachers, director and other staff took good care of my daughter. They give personal attention to each child. I couldn’t have asked for more as children safety is very important. They provide frequent updates on growth and overall development of the child. The management is very approachable.

Overall an amazing place for kids.

Dr. Ishrath Fathima

FOUNDATIONS is a good pre-school. It tries to teach and prepare the child with the aim of the child feeling comfortable in attending bigger schools thereafter.

The curriculum is well thought out.

Essentials of good behaviour and good habits have been taught to the child. The teachers Mrs. Anupa Singh, Mrs. Priti Shetty and Mrs. Nirmala Vijay have always had the time to interact with parents.

I am happy for my daughter to have attended this pre-school.

Gina Joseph / Joseph Zachariah

FOUNDATIONS has helped my son develop good skills in both academic and personal areas. Teachers give personal attention to students based on how they are developing.School takes good care of the students too.

Mary Josephine

Thanks for all the support, guidance, service and encouragement that you and your staff rendered to our young ones. Thanks for building their basics so strongly and making them so confident and cheerful.

Your sincerity, hard work and dedication are highly appreciated and we express our gratitude. Wishing you all the very best.

Email ID: josephine2072@hotmail.com

Srinivasamurthy B V

My son spent around 2 years in this school and he really enjoyed his tenure. He made quite a lot of friends in this school. Teachers and assisting staff were friendly, kids were engaged well during the school hours in both studies and other activities. I am satisfied with his learning, overall the experience was good.

I would strongly recommend this school for beginners.

Email ID: srinivasamurthybv@yahoo.co.in

Waseem Beig

Since joining Foundations my son has developed in so many ways and I can see lot of improvements in him.

Our son had amazing time at Foundations and he had lots of fun and he is very confident with his reading, writing & colouring. Our experience of the nursery has been fantastic and we would definitely recommend to others.

We are very happy with the teaching he has received and his learning experience.

We really appreciate efforts put in by the school and the guidance we have received from the teachers and staff of Foundations.

We are truly thankful to your team that we got the best for our child. Thanks for all your support and love.

Ajay Samuel

I am very satisfied with my child’s overall learning. Teachers and staff at school are professional and polite at the same time. Recommend strongly.

Email ID: ajay.samuel@gmail.com