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Foundations Pre-School deploys a holistic approach to child learning and development. The focus is on all-round growth of the child – physical, cognitive, social and emotional.

Learning is delivered mainly through play, making it enjoyable and heightening its receptivity. Information is presented and skills developed by engaging multiple senses – sight, hearing, touch and muscle movements. This promotes better understanding and retention of concepts and development of skills.

The intellectual, biological and emotional readiness of each child is kept in view while imparting learning at each stage. Children are encouraged to inquire and explore. A balance is maintained between teacher guided activities and free play.

The curriculum encompasses the following areas :

Academic - Language related activities are explored by listening and talking to the child. Alphabets and numbers are introduced in an enjoyable manner. Identification of colours, shapes, domestic and wild animals, fruits and vegetables is done. Later they progress to matching, sequencing and differentiating.

Fine Muscle Development - Activities centred around the child that encourage self expression and fine muscle co-ordination are pursued. Eye-hand co-ordination is fostered through scribbling, colouring and drawing. Handwriting skills are introduced in the form of lines and circles.

Large Muscle Development - Large muscle development is an important part of overall physical development and is interwoven in most activities that the child engages in. This is done through participation in both small and large groups.

Emotional & Social Development - Great importance is attached to building self-worth and self-esteem in the child, as this is central to successful overall development of the child. Social skills are built through co-operative activities, sharing, give and take, and helping one another.

Toys, blocks, puzzles, art and music play a very important role in the pre-school stage and extensive use is made of these in various elements of the curriculum.

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