Home Overview

We aim to build a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and attitudes in each child, which will serve as a bedrock for future personal growth and development. Key to this is inculcating and fostering a love of exploring, learning and doing by harnessing the natural inquisitiveness and energy of young children. Our goal is to develop positive, questioning, thinking and achieving minds.

We recognize that the child is leaving home for the first time, with its attendant trauma, and hence take care to provide a warm and loving home-like environment. We do only one batch a day so that our teachers and staff are fresh and energetic to look after each child well. At Foundations, the child is at the centre of our activities and attention.

We understand that individual differences in young children are great and work to accommodate these. Friendship, kindness, sharing and taking turns as well as social graces are stressed to develop kinship and harmony among the children

We do realize that we are only a part of the overall education and development ecosystem and that the family has a vital and critical role in academic and personal development of the child. Hence, we give great importance to continuous engagement and sharing of information with the family throughout the school year.

The effectiveness of our approach is best summed up by parents telling us the child just can’t wait to come to school !